Tuesday, August 05, 2014

That's a HUGE colon!

We arrived in Nashville early enough on Friday to enjoy the children's science museum there. It was a pretty awesome place with one terrifying flaw....the 7 story jungle gym in the center. Don't get me wrong it was awesome. Full of tunnels and caves and tiny crevices for children to advance between the levels. Stairs were on each level for the parents too but we just couldn't keep up with Liv. I didn't ever panic but seriously....we had 3 adults searching for one child on a 7 story jungle gym!! It was insane. We were calling each other on our phones....have you seen her? No have you? It was a little crazy at times! Other than that minor blip we had tons of fun. My favorite was the human body exhibit.
We got to fight germs and bacteria in a laser gun black light display, slide down the colorectal canal, and throw food into a giant mouth.
Liv, much like her mother and much to the chagrin of her father, hated the outer space wing. She get it from her mama. Space IS lame.

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