Saturday, August 09, 2014

The last of our TN adventures

Here is a hodge podge of the rest of the fun we had in Tennesee!
She really is the happiest baby on the block!
Our Barbie house expanded this visit to include a garage and guest bedroom
The great grandparents got to come for a visit after the wedding
The daily ritual of Disney movie watching on Papa's lunch break
We couldn't believe this thing still worked!! Ah gotta love vintage toys!
Still got 20/20 vision for now!
Sweet little Naomi!
Modeling their new t-shirts. They say "Life is just better when Papa's around"
My morning ritual in TN
A walk around the pond with my girl
Smiley girl!
Liv couldn't get enough of holding Mary Belle
Selfie with Naomi

Sunday pretties
So this was my first solo adventure from TN. My dad had driven to OK in a uhaul to bring us some furniture so he drove with us in my car to TN but Liv and I were on our own for the return journey. We both did great but I was very thankful for a half way stop at Evan and Mia's! Liv promptly climbed in Mia's lap for a movie
 The next morning I was anxious to get home but Liv decided we could wait awhile because we needed to geocache with them! (We had geocached some in TN with Aunt Amy and Grammy so she was on a roll!)
 We had a long stop to play at a truck stop. She of course had to bring a few rocks home with us for her klekshun. I was proud that we made the trip but I'd rather not do it alone!!

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