Thursday, August 21, 2014

When Family is Far Away

Check out my latest post for OKCMB as I share tips on how to cope when your family is miles apart from you. Everyone needs a mommy sometimes but what do you do when your mommy is too far to hop in a car and come over? How do you split family holidays and traditions without upsetting one side? (well I just got lucky honestly that both sides of our family are understanding) How do you maintain a bond between kids and their grandparents if they only see them a few times a year? Check it out and leave a comment if you can relate or have tips to share! 
 We had a contributor dinner last month for the blog. We don't get together that often so it was fun to hang out with the other writers who do such a good job at making OKCMB what it is! We also got new headshots which is why my facebook pic finally changed.
And for those wondering....the second day of school went fabulously and I got in the pick up line super early to avoid the chaos. It helped. It also helped that I worked today so the day went by much faster!


Anonymous said...

When I lived in New York, we called the grandparents as much as we could so the kids could keep in touch. We also sent videos and pictures when possible. For family vacations, we would spend few days with my family in Jackson before heading to his family in Memphis. That way he could say goodbye to his family when we left and I could see mine again to say goodbye before heading back North. -April B.

kmom said...

I appreciate the blogs the most,especially since they usually have pictures and sometimes videos. It is also nice to have up-to-date instant news and pictures on Facebook and e-mail. I like phone calls too. Skype helps to "see" and "be with" each other.

A wise person asks for help when needed.

GmaakaMom said...

I cherish every minute we get to spend with our Okies (and our Idahoans). And I'm thankful for technology so I can stay in touch even when we're not together.

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