Sunday, August 03, 2014

While the cat's away, the mouse was working hard

In this analogy I am the cat and Ryan is the mouse. I have lots of pics to upload and lots to share and get caught up on, but for now I'll just leave you with the list of house projects I will be sharing with you soon since Ryan was super man and not only tackled my "Honey-Do" list head on....he added things to it himself!

  • He repainted the upstairs bath in the perfect color. I smile everytime I go in there now.
  • He tore down the ugly wall cabinet and put up a new one in the bathroom
  • Patched a soggy spot in the plaster
  • Handpainted chipped tile in the bathroom
  • Finished painting the hallway trim and painted all the trim and doors in our bedroom
  • Bought a pressure washer and washed the entire's seriously a completely different color and looks AMAZING! 
  • Moved the ever growing wood pile out of site
  • Levelled the yard where the plumbing fiasco was
  • Ripped off the ugly lattice ceiling over our deck. It's so much brighter and bigger out there now!
  • Cleaned the house so it would be emaculate when we got home.
I'm sure there is more I'm forgetting, but I can always add to it when I have pics to show! Other things I need to blog about......
  • My cousin's wedding
  • Fun with family and friends in TN
  • The Nashville science museum
  • Liv and Elle's day o' fun
  • 4 Generations photos
  • Geocaching adventures in AR...and TN but got no pics of this
  • Interesting documentaries I've watched lately
  • Back to school shopping...eeek!
Stay tuned!! I'm still not unpacked, but I'm excited to be home for good for a long while and excited to finally put those suitcases in the closet!


kmom said...

Gold stars and applause for Superman Ryan!!! Cleaning the house before you got back was the cherry on top!!!

Anonymous said...

And he was sorry he wasn't able to do the grocery shopping before you got home. What a wonderful husband. I'm proud of that boy. And I'm thankful you and Olivia had a great time and made it back home safely. Love ya, MomakaGma

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