Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Because who wants to wiggle quietly???

This was the second year for Wiggle Out Loud and we were excited that Papa and Grammy got to wiggle with us! I was helping at the OKCMB booth a bit but then got to enjoy the sights, activities, music, and food!!
Bubble pop in the face!
These two girls are too cool for school
Feeling some rhythms in the Drum Circle tent
Jammin' with some kiddie bands. She was sad Spaghetti Eddie wasn't there this year. Maybe next time!
Wiggling can also include hopscotch
Makin' spin art with Papa!
Testing out her new homemade maraca
Trying Katie Bug's Shaved Ice. I had the Mango with chili pepper. Liv has the raspberry lemonade. 
Enjoying all sorts of musical talent from around our city.
This kid never walks when Papa's around!


GmaakaMom said...

What a fun day! But, mango with chili pepper? What's the verdict? Is it your favorite flavor now?

Ryan and Katie said...

I couldn't taste the chili powder.

Sommer said...

Spaghetti Eddie at film row tomorrow night apparently!

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