Monday, September 22, 2014

Bed in a Box

I am not getting paid to say this, but I really do love bed in a box. Granted it's only been about a week, but seriously, I'm gettin' some good zzzz's! After doing bedroom shopping we had our minds made up about the bed and the color scheme but the mattress was throwing us for a loop. We laid on several at furniture stores, but Ryan came home to do some research and kept finding that the highest rated mattress was one you can only buy online from here. A foam mattress they ship to you in a box. I was skeptical, but also just ready for a new bed so I said sure why not?! Then this arrived on a truck and I was even more skeptical. 
Uh....isn't it supposed to be king size? And 11" thick? I'm just not understanding how it's crammed in a 4 foot box? We had to wait a few days until our bed arrived.
This was what our room looked like sort of BEFORE.....
Well at least the bed part, We've moved chairs and dressers but you get the general idea.

Then our bed came and I was pretty amazed how fast they were able to put it together. We also got a huge ottoman that's currently in our room that may one day go down to the play room when it's finished.
While I was picking Liv up from somewhere Ryan cheated and opened the box without me. He did take a video to show me with his phone, but I doubt you are interested. It was basically vacuum sealed and flat, folded in half, then rolled up. once you laid it out and cut the plastic magically expanded.
And a five year old quickly appeared asking if this was now our new "family bed" ha! Sorry kid!
I got sheets at Ross and my mom happened to have some king size blankets she brought from TN, but we didn't have bedding yet. I ordered 2 of these 5x7 rugs over Labor Day when they were 70% off online. Again....skeptical of the online purchases but soooo cheap I couldn't pass it up. Thankfully they were just as pretty in person! Our room is huge so I'm still trying to figure out how to arrange them: one angled? both angled? each side of the bed straight? One at foot of the bed? 
On our date last Friday we planned to go bedding shopping and happened upon Steinmart having a 12 hour sale. I'm not gonna tell you how cheap my king sized quilt and shams were because you'd punch me in the face. Steiny has good sales ya'll. Anyway. Still far from being done, but better than it was. It's a little too much blue right now but some curtains will help and I might get different pillows. And we need to redo those mirrors over the bed but for now here is the progress. I haven't slept this good in so long! The bed doesn't creak whenever you move and there is so much space, I love it!! (Ryan does too)
Liv loves it too and enjoys girl movie nights in mommy's bed!! Especially when candy is involved!
I'm happy there will be plenty of room for 4 on family movie nights in a few months. Sorry Charlie, you are not allowed on the bed, but you can be comfy on the new rugs :)


GmaakaMom said...

Pretty room. Good job. I don't think we have Steinmarts in the northwest. I'll have to check that out on one of trips.

kmom said...

You do NOT have too much blue. Pale or medium blue walls would help to finish the look. Your diligent shopping and looking for bargains certainly paid off. Lucky, lucky! (and God blessed you greatly)

Anonymous said...

I love how everything comes together! I keep trying to picture your rugs in the room without having seen it personally. If I had to choose, go straight.

Shawn and Becky said...

Tell me more about this mattress . . . which did you end up with? We need a new King size one and yours intrigues me. We need a firm option though.

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