Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Book Review

I've been trying to finish the 3rd Game of Thrones book since July, it's loooong, so I take breaks in between chapters to read other things and/or listen to ones in my car while I work and/or sit in the pick up line waiting on Liv!

Now You See Her. Can't get enough of Patterson on CD I guess. Or I'm in my car a lot and I can only take so much radio. It's so easy to find a Patterson to grab fast on the library shelf....because there are dozens to choose from. I thought I had reviewed this book already but I guess not. It was a great one to listen to but I really do wonder if I would like these books if I read them. I don't really have much to say about this....maybe because it's been a few weeks but I give it a 6.

The Gifts of Imperfection. Oh Brene' Brown you have done it again. Although I feel this little book just reiterated things from Daring Greatly, it gave more specific ways to live wholeheartedly. I wanted to memorize it and tattoo quotes on my arms to read throughout the day. I recommend all of her writing to all people in all lands. I give it a 9.

Cross My Heart. I listened to this one too. My first Alex Cross book by Patterson. I liked the multiple story lines and the fun facts about getting rid of a dead body that I learned (apparently you can throw a dead body in a pig barn and they will eat it, bones and all). However, the ending was HORRIBLE. Basically because they leave you hanging for the next Alex Cross book but it was a pretty bad place to end it. Are all Alex Cross books like this? Cliffhangers? I give it a 6.

What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding. I saw this book reviewed in a magazine and thought it looked interesting. The memoir is a written by a television comedy writer (you know her work if you've ever watched How I Met Your Mother or That 70's Show) about her travels abroad in the off season. I can't really recommend it though as I would describe it as the slutty version of Eat, Pray, Love. It is quite humorous though. I love her writing style and I love the hilarious observations she picks up about other cultures in her travels. I give it an 8.

Girl Talk. I just don't know about Mrs. Hatmaker. I love her blog posts. Love them. And I love her writing style. I agree with so many of the things she says, but her books have just not won me over. Seven probably just had too much hype to live up to by the time I read it. And this book, while I feel is a great topic and helpful to many women's Bible studies, just didn't speak to me. I am so thankful I read it though because the time we spent with other young women this summer discussing it was great. So it's got that going for it! I give it a 6 for me. And I'm sure I'll try another one of her books because I think I will find one for me!

Chapter Books with Liv
Little House on the Prairie. The second in the series. I can't tell you how much my girl gets into these books. She has a question after every sentence. And all throughout the day. So they were real people? Can we meet them? Why are they dead now? Can we see the house? What's a well? Do we know any Indians? The Indian topic was hard to discuss in this book. (I really get irked that they are even called Indians but I felt the explanation would be over her head) Especially with a 4 year old. The family moves on to Indian territory in the beginning of the book and the views about Indians are all negative and there are sentences like "the only good Indian is a dead one" which I skipped over. We tried to discuss how many times when people are different than us and don't speak the same language and look different and dress different we judge them or think we can't be friends but that's not necessarily true. Hard concepts. For what it's worth Ma and Pa were usually kind when it came to the natives BUT they also illegally moved on their land....and SPOIL ALERT....they have to move off of it in the end. We will be reading more in this series I'm sure but we are taking awhile to read some fluff lit about My Little Ponies.

The Jesus Storybook Bible. I love the way the stories are told in this Bible. Yes it may get dubbed "The Message" version of the children's Bible, but I love the attempt to show children the message of Jesus coming to rescue us from even the very first Old Testament stories. They do a great job of weaving the main theme throughout the whole book. She enjoyed reading this together during our breakfast Bible study time.

What are you Reading?
Maybe I'll finish Game of Thrones 3 by the next review. Maybe. I'm listening to a great Sue Monk Kidd book and we've just started a new Beth Moore study in our ladies class on Wed. night.

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Anonymous said...

whew..you are back...missed you this week.
which Beth Moore book are you doing now? We have also done several at Church.
Have a blessing filled day.
Aunt Debby

kmom said...

Dad and I saw the land in Wisconsin and a similar house where Laura Ingalls lived in Little House in the Big Woods. There is a least one other place she lived that can be visited.

Ryan and Katie said...

Sorry Aunt Debby!! I knew you'd be worried! We are doing the study on thessolonians

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