Monday, September 01, 2014

De Je Vu

For Labor Day this year I had a serious case of De je vu. I looked out the upstairs hall window and saw my hubby staring back at me...with a pole saw.
Apparently he also felt like cutting tree limbs on Labor day in 2012 too. I knew this all felt familiar!
Branches, branches, everywhere!
I never showed pics but while I was in TN he pressure washed the deck and tore the falling lattice awning off. It's much brighter. And now that the limbs are gone it's even more bright! Sorry I have no before pic of the whole area. But here is the pressure washing before/after.
The darker left side hadn't been pressure washed yet. The right side looks so much better! The wood looked brand new once all that dirt was gone! 
And here is area zommed out now that it's all done. It will also be a great "before" pic when we get the back of our house looking nicer!
The double doors lead into the dining room, one day soon there will be a room directly above the dining room. Just gotta find the right contractor....
The squirrels have a hey day with all the pecans and we could sweep that deck twice a day but maybe now that this many limbs are covering my back yard.....
There will be slightly less mess!
Now if we can just get grass to grow......

Thanks Ryan for laboring on Labor Day!

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kmom said...

Great work, Ryan! Larry likes to use his pole saw.

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