Monday, September 15, 2014

Frozen Bubblegum Princess Party

For her 5th birthday my little princess requested a Frozen Bubblegum Princess party. Because she loves the movie Frozen, she had to wait until she was 5 to have gum, and she loves all things princess. Sounds simply complicated enough right?!
I had a lot of fun making her cake. The rock candy came in handy for making Elsa's ice palace! Liv requested blue bubblegum balls around it and we managed to find some that were perfect!
I was hoping to have most of the party outdoors but since the weather was a bit cooler on Saturday morning, we moved all the furniture against the walls in our house and made do! 
The kids all wore their favorite princess costumes (unless you were a boy and then you could just wear your fav costume!) and we made crowns with jewel stickers and castles scenes with all sorts of things to decorate them with.
We continued the Thumbprint guest book. This year it was a bubblegum machine! I always like looking at the ones from years past too!
We got out lots of her princess toys to play with and blared the Frozen soundtrack.
We played pin the nose on Olaf, relay dress up race (the whole "relay" concept was a bit hard for the younger ones to understand but it was still fun!), and hula hoop balloon toss.
Then we came inside where it was a bit warmer to sing Happy Birthday, eat some food, and open up presents.
I let Liv and Papa go wild with her haggled garage sale princess decor in the kitchen!
It was a wonderful party and having Grammy and Papa there was just the icing on the birthday cake!


Shannon said...

Looks like a grand ole good time :)

kmom said...

Glad you took pics of the relay races since I stayed inside getting ready for the food event. The cake was beautiful!

GmaakaMom said...

What a great party! You should do party planning professionally. (In your spare time of course). Ha Ha.. We love that little princess. Did she give her extra coloring book away?

dshrock said...

So cute! Thanks for letting Elle come on her own!

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