Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Liv Lately

September 2014
Dear Olivia,
You are 5! 60 months old! And just like your dear old mom you kind of have to freak out before any life changes occur, so last night when I put you to bed and told you this was your last night as a four year old, you promptly broke down crying crocodile tears saying "I DON'T WANNA BE 5!!" Once we cuddled and you were reminded that you got to have gum when you were five though you calmed down. And yes we let you chew gum today. Two pieces. And you swallowed both.
Now that you are in school we have entered a strange new phase of life. My favorite part of having you at home with me has always been our little interactions and conversations throughout the day. I've always loved to see how your mind works and I still do, but I miss it between the hours of 8 and 4. I just want to be a fly on the wall in your classroom and get frustrated when you won't tell me about every second of the day that you were away from me! That's normal right? It's made me become much more stingy with our family time in the evenings and on the weekends. You've been enjoying school, but have a hard time with rest time (because you haven't napped in about 3 years) and are still adjusting to "Oh wait we are going to school again?! Didn't we do that yesterday and the day before?!" Welcome to school life kiddo!
One night at dinner your daddy and I said something about Hawaiian kids and you said "Oh we have those at my school." I said "Really? You have kids from Hawaii in your class?" You said "Yes they are called HawaiiMCA kids. Hahaha! The YMCA has an afterschool program so they are called YMCA kids but that's not how you heard it! See, these are the fun things I miss hearing you say all day. Maybe I can get your teacher to write it all down for me :)
I've been teaching you how to read with a handy dandy book that came recommended from a few friends. It has been the most rewarding and challenging thing we have ever done together. Potty training times 100. But it's so awesome to see you start reading and sounding words out. The biggest challenge has just been how to handle your stubbornness or frustrations when you can't figure something out. You tend to shut down and I've had to learn how to react so you don't get discouraged with it but want to keep trying. Some days are better than others, but I'm so proud of how far you've come. You often initiate activities from the book on your own like writing extra words or asking me to tell you sounds to write out. Your favorite tongue twister book for me to read you right now is Fox in Socks. I look forwards to you reading it to me someday!
Your big birthday present from your daddy and me was gymnastics lessons. We went for the first time Monday (we have to watch from a window area with about 40 other no pics of this event) and your instructor came out  and said "Well she's not scared of anything so that's good!" I saw you hang from the uneven bars and do somersaults and start to learn cartwheels. You told me you did a back flip into the foam pit. It's probably best I didn't see that one. Today on your birthday we had balloons at your door when you woke up, I ate lunch with you in the cafeteria, Noah got to come over after school to play, and when Daddy got home we got to have a scavenger hunt for some little presents around the house. Noah read the clues and the two of you were pretty quick to find them! Then you skyped with Grandma while you opened her gifts. We are having a friend party this weekend and are both pretty excited for it!
Scavenger hunt fun!
We had your 5 year clinical study at OU on Monday. You were very eager and excited to be measured in the bodpod this year and weren't afraid of it or any of the other tests they did! Sadly I forgot my phone and my camera so there are no pics but you have grown 7 inches (she said in a year but I think it's since you were 3) and are only 6.6% body fat. She had a hard time finding anything to grip with those calipers! You did the dexascan and we got to see all of your bones and after an hour of tests and prodding, we got more college money for you, and we got to play on the rooftop playground and go get an icee.
I continued the tradition of telling you the story of the day you were born as we put you to bed tonight. It was filled with much more commentary and questions from you as you are more educated about the whole birthing process now than you were a year ago. As if I needed another reminder of how much you are growing!! September 10, 2009 seems like yesterday and like so long ago, all at the same time. You will always be my baby and you will always have my heart and I love you more than you will ever know....until maybe you have a little girl one day too! 

(My "Liv Lately" posts will be replacing her monthly newsletter posts. They might be monthly or quarterly or who knows, but news and pics of my awesome daughter will not end!)


kmom said...

Dear Olivia,
Happy Birthday, 5 year old! I remember when you turned 2 or 3, you kept saying you were 5 whenever anyone asked how old you were. Now you really are five.
Your Aunt Amy liked the Hop On Pop book by Dr. Seuss. It might have been the first one she read.
I'm looking forward to having fun with you this weekend. See you soon!

The Moores said...

Happy Birthday 5 year old girl! What a beautiful young lady you are- and looking more and more like your mama all the time. We love you and Alice really wishes she could come to your birthday party this weekend.

GmaakaMom said...

Happy Birthday sweet Olivia. I'm so glad we got to skype. Grandma sure misses you and can't wait to see you in a couple of months.


Violet cried when she turned 7...she did not want to be 7. It's scary growing up! Your comment about her getting frustrated when can't figure something out gave me flashbacks to Ryan doing the same thing! Good luck with that. =)Love you sweet Olivia! Thank you for the birthday invitation, wish we were closer so we could celebrate with you.

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