Monday, September 29, 2014

Oklahoma State Fair 2014

This post is way late but it's probably because I was waiting to upload the video and get some pics from Jenna. My phone battery died early on so not many pics were taken but we had a super fun day. Right after Liv's bday party we headed to the state fair. We spent time in Agtropolis harvesting our crop and buying things with the money we made.
Waiting for chicks to hatch. And moths to come out of cocoons.
Viewing all the prize winners of crafts, gardening, and homemade goodies. 
Then we ate some foods on a stick of course. Dad tested the chocolate bacon. 
I was sorely disappointed in my Frosted Flake coated Chicken on a stick. 
But Liv approved of the corndog. 

So did Noah
Then we headed to Disney on Ice which was gifted to Liv by her Oregon grandparents. We loved the show!
 Ryan....well he thought it was just ok as you can see.
After the show we went to the circus which was awesome despite the long line. Ryan got this cute video of Liv and Noah laughing at the clown.

Things to note
1. The chewing of the gum
2. How adorable their laughs are
3. We will never know what was going on in the circus because Ryan doesn't pan over to the ring
4. I'm pretty sure these kids would love the Three Stooges!

Then my daughter, who is usually not keen on strangers, remembered taking her photo with this lady from the circus last year and BEGGED me to take one of her again. So we did. And it got even more boobalicious. I had to give her chest hair in Paint so it wouldn't be inappropriate.
Then we let the kids ride ton of rides and they bawled when it was like 9pm and we said we HAD to leave. We'd only been going, going, going for about 14 hours straight and I was pooped! It was a wonderful day at the fair! See ya in 2015!


GmaakaMom said...

This post almost makes me want to try the Oregon State Fair sometime. I'd have to take a couple of sweet kids along though to make it this much fun. Poor Ry looks like he needs a nap.

kmom said...

I looked at your fair pictures from 2013. The winning pumpkin this year looked twice as big as last year's. Disney on Ice was super!

Jana + Ryan said...

It's settled. Anyone having a bad day EVER should be forced to watch that video!!

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