Friday, September 19, 2014

The rest of the visit

Monday was a rough day. Grammy and Papa had to go back to TN and all morning Liv kept getting teary eyed saying "but they'll still be here when I get home from school right?" And no matter how many times I said "no," she kept asking, hoping my answer would change. It was a very tearful good-bye, but she did manage to calm down about 2 minutes away from school thank goodness. I'm thankful they were able to come celebrate her bday. Here are some pics we got.
Opening her gifts from them
Playing her new Frozen game together
The grand opening of John Rex Elementary. The 2nd graders sang a song and my dad met the mayor of OKC
The ribbon cutting ceremony. It was a well done program, but we didn't get to visit with Liv, too many people
Grammy and Liv coloring
 Thank you Mom and Dad for always coming the weekend of her birthday! There's no way I would ever be able to pull off her birthday parties without your help!! And there's no way I'd be able to rest afterward if you weren't there to play with Liv!! Love you!

(We also got to go to the State Fair and Disney on Ice together but that will be another post.)

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kmom said...

Papa, Olivia, and I had fun playing with bubbles on the porch before we left. It was a good weekend filled with interesting things to do and see. Love,Grammy

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