Thursday, September 11, 2014

Workin' on my Smeyes....Smise?

We got to attend the First Thursday Fashion show at the Classen Curve with some VIP passes for OKCMB last Thursday night. I've never been a VIP to anything that I can remember, so it was pretty hard to pass up the chance even though I was totally wearing a dress from Ross. That I rocked, by the way. BUT when I saw the price tags of the clothes in the stores were about 33 times the price of my dress, I realized I wasn't really in my league. I wasn't even in the ballpark really, but a girl can have fashion fun night with her friends anyway right?!
It really was a fun event to attend....anyone can go, not just VIP peeps. I love how much that area has changed and how many great stores we are getting in OKC. 
In the words of me and my college roomie: We were 
(Kassi do you read this? If so please remind me of some more of our awesome answering machine messages.)

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