Thursday, October 02, 2014

2014 Fall Break Fun Continues

Our fall break fun has been pretty awesome thus far. On Saturday my little sous chef and I made some pumpkin bread together. We delivered some to neighbors and kept some for ourselves. Then Ryan got a wild hair and decided to try to make old fashioned donuts from scratch and they were also delicious!
After a trip to the gym and then a lazy afternoon, I got to go out with Lolo to see this movie which we both loved as much as we loved the book. (So many books coming to screen soon!) I only recommend it if you read and liked the book though. It is rated R for a reason.
On Sunday we churched it up, I napped all afternoon, and then we had small group. I like waking up and finding what Liv has been playing with.
 She saw me take the picture so then she had to rearrange them family portrait style. Love that girl.
On Monday Liv had her "well baby check up" and she is staying on her super tall and skinny growth curve. Then Noah and Calvin came over for some play time. We mommies got to chat while trying to figure out what a saddle plane is.
She had her gymnastics that evening, which she still loves and we went to check out some patio furniture FSBO for our back deck that we love....except it rained so it's currently wet and there's too many mosquitos still....but soon we will enjoy it!

 On Tuesday I worked so Jenna took the kiddos to the science museum and was nice to send me pics.
The place was pretty much empty so the kids had no lines for segway rides and no crowd at Science Live!
Tuesday night Liv showed her daddy what she's been learning in school: bubblemapping. She and Noah had already bubble mapped their fall break plans on his chalk board but she and Ryan made one together too. I love the detail she added of "not playing in Genevieve's crib." It's an important bubble in my opinion!
Have I mentioned how much I'm loving lazy mornings and extra snuggles with this one on fall break. School starting back will be a rude awakening to us all!
Wednesday morning we headed to Seminole for a full day of Schatzel fun! The boys were not on fall break but we found stuff to do until they got home!
The Gator broke down but Liv didn't mind pushing it all over the yard!
Baby Loran continues to be the easiest child ever just enjoying watching the fun!
Genevieve reluctantly sharing her ipad shows.
Meet Pants, the only chicken to survive the great Phelps farm fox massacre of 2014. I think you can tell why she's named Pants. Hilarious. Nature's bell bottoms.
Then the boys came home and these kids didn't stop moving for like 5 hours. So sweaty and dirty and gross but so much fun! 
After a pizza dinner we headed home and Liv and Noah talked about Christmas plans and Sparkles McGlitter for the entire hour drive. Noah is convinced Sparkle McGee (obviously Sparkle McGlitter's cousin) is going to visit his house this year. But how will he arrive? What kind of magic do they have? What kind of tricks to they do? Are they evil? Pretty fun to hear their conversations!

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kmom said...

I want to try out the segway next time I'm at your science museum. Olivia's arm muscles must be really strong. Olivia and Noah are blessed with great imaginations. Glad you are enjoying your fall break!

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