Monday, October 06, 2014

Guess what....2014 Fall break....sorry no other good titles coming to mind

On Sunday we had a full class to learn about the Tower of Babel. Want to get a man to help you in children's Bible class...just bring Legoes! 
Randy Harris was our guest speaker from Abilene and he brought a wonderful lesson. Then we came home from church to find this little rascal in the trap! 
The third squirrel we've caught recently in hopes to keep them OUT of our attic!! The magic bait that works best seems to be green pecans. It's like crack to the squirrels! Don't worry, we don't torture and kill them, Ryan drives them to a far away park and sets them free so they can't find their way back to our house. I like Charlie's nose in the background of this pic. She wanted to get that squirrel so badly!

We enjoyed another day of lunch and lounging on the back deck, skyping with family, reading, playing with neighbors. Then we headed to OC for small group dinner and the lectureship. 
Maybe these three will be roommates one day? Sidenote...this looks nothing like the OC I remember but it's a pretty shot
We heard Mitch Wilburn give a great lesson and then got to listen to an Acapella concert. And yes we sang along!
You can tell that's Acapella right?
Monday morning Liv and Noah got to see the Boxtrolls at Harkins. 
Annnnd they had the WHOLE theater to themselves. 
It was a pretty weird movie, but they said they liked it. I guess I did too. I appreciate the artistry if nothing else! Then we played at the park downtown, found a geocache, and got a cupcake at Pinkitzel....and to my great surprise she didn't choose pink but candy corn!
I guess I spoke to soon about winning the war on critters because do you see what we saw on the way to gymnastics???? Let me zoom in.....
Yes that would be a teeny mouse having fun on our porch. 
#$(*&(@&$^%@#(*&!!!!  Not cool. I mean he was really cute but entirely too close to my house because once I see one IN my house it's no longer cute but dead. 


GmaakaMom said...

Boxtrolls was made in Portland. Not sure I'm proud of that. It looks kind of creepy. Guess I'll have to go see it.

kmom said...

I hope all the critters stay outside!

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