Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Parade

We decided to check out the OKC Halloween parade for the first time this weekend. I'd been forewarned that some things may not be child appropriate there so I gave Liv a heads up that if there was anything scary to just close her eyes. She seemed cool with that.
Elsa and Jake were excited but confused because I think they thought they were going to get to ride their bikes in the parade.
Nothing scary about these automatic weapons being manned by a child.
Elvis photobombed us! He lives!
It was pretty crowded but we had a good viewing spot and Liv enjoyed it but I thought it was just ok. 
Caught ya!!!
Overall I didn't think it was too scary for Liv, but there really weren't that many floats. The whole parade is mostly made up of politicians, hearses, companies with an ad on their door, and a few floats...mostly cages of zombies. The biggest let down was that out of all the cars and floats, only like 3 or 4 were throwing candy. I didn't get it. Isn't that the whole point of a parade? I mean your truck may not be decorated and you may just want my vote in the next election, but you throw candy. Duh! I hear it was cool a few years ago when Wayne Coyne led the parade and there was some skeleton walk. Who knows. Anyway Liv asked if we could go back next year so I guess it was a win in her book!


Jana + Ryan said...

This is the first year it was done by the city so I assumed it would be a little lame. haha! I'm glad we didn't waste our time.

It used to be Ghouls Gone Wild and it was crazy. and awesome. Fun fact - we actually entered several years ago and Ryan even made it into the gazette. hahaha.... I uh... got extreme anxiety minutes before and didn't do it.

kmom said...

Did it remind you of the Henderson Christmas Parade except with a Halloween theme?

Ryan and Katie said...

No way mom the Henderson parade was WAY better!

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