Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

One of my favorite memories as a teenager is having friends over on Halloween night and passing out candy to the kids that came by. I just love seeing all the costumes and creativity. It was fun going trick or treating as a kid too, but I think I liked passing out the candy even more. The neighborhoods Ryan and I have lived in had literally no trick-or-treaters in years past so we always went to friends houses to help pass out. This year I'm thrilled to be in our neighborhood because they seriously go all out...we've been enjoying the Halloween and fall decorations all month on bike rides and walks. Just look at some of these houses!
This one is hard to see but we call it the Halloween house, the is a spider blow up, a skull blow up, a cat and ghost blow up, not to mention all the webs and halloween lights. It's awesome.
Anyway those are just some of my favs I was meaning to share in another post but didn't get around to it until now! We love our neighborhood and are so thankful to be here! 

Here's our sweet Elsa! 
I mentioned to her that she might want to wear pants and a jacket because for the first time this season it was actually cold! She said "mom, remember the cold doesn't bother Elsa!" She was really getting into character, but I'm glad she changed her mind! 
Ryan got a few pics but it was getting dark.
Ryan and Sean took the kids down a few streets while we stayed on the porch to pass out candy. Lulu came over and Neil, Brittany, and Loran came too. 
Super Lulu!!
Sweet Little Piggy Loran! I'm hoping baby girl gets this adorable hand me down for next Halloween!
We enjoyed pizza and chatting as we watched the steady stream of costumed kids until about 8:30 when we ran out of candy! Liv and Noah were so eager to pass out candy they would run and meet most of the kids at the street! We kept telling them to wait and let the kids come up to you on the porch, but it didn't work too well!
Liv got enough candy to last quite awhile AND she's been complaining about a tooth lately that I'm hoping doesn't have a cavity in it, so we are attempting the "switch witch" method this year where she gives up most of her candy and overnight a friendly witch comes and swaps it with a toy. We'll see if it works!


kmom said...

Looks like you had a delightful October ending in a fantastic Halloween night. Love, Grammy

GmaakaMom said...

Most adorable Elsa ever. Switch witch sounds like a great idea.

kmom said...

Great memories! I fondly remember making lots of Rice Krispie cookies for you and your friends to eat as you passed out Halloween candy.

Shawn and Becky said...

Fun. Great costume. I convinced Cameron to sell his candy to a local dentist (and our left over candy too)!

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