Monday, October 20, 2014

Hot Air Balloon Festival

This weekend was just more proof that I need to lower my expectations in life....and I thought I was setting them pretty low for this event. First of all let me say that any time spent with my family is not a waste of time, but we really could have had more fun staying at home. The pictures captured the highlights though and they look nice don't they?
Try as hard as they could they could never get all the balloons inflated and glowing all at once. 
And as soon as they inflated them all.....they deflated them.
These pictures were all taken within like 5 minutes of each other. Then it was done.
We were introduced to FMX (I don't even know what that means I thought it was BMX) rider Derek Cook and his crazy tricks. (See him in the air doing a hand stand on his bike?
She could see out of the basket handle.

Liv and Noah and their daddies rode this thing. Yes it went completely upside down and stopped at the top. Yes I'm crazy for letting her do it. Yes it was probably built by a welding class at a trade school and yes the operator blew cigarette smoke in all of our faces. 
After watching Derek Cook, Liv was ready for some tricks on her own bike.
The truth is the small Poteau festival could be a LOT better than it is touting itself to be. More information on their website would be nice. Things like height requirements or the fact that bracelets for unlimited rides may only be used for certain hours of a certain day or that the petting zoo just didn't show up or that the balloons are only there for a few minutes or that the tethered balloon ride only goes up in the air for 20 seconds for about 20 feet while you're crammed like sardines in a basket with 8 people so you can't even take a moment to enjoy or snap a picture because you're already back on the ground consoling your crying daughter who wants to go higher than that. And maybe if ANY of their volunteers knew what was happening things would run more smoothly.
Even their workers like to sleep on the job.
I'm not sure how they got the claim of any kind of top 10 thing to do in our state except for paying for that as an ad. We will not be returning and I will not be recommending this to anyone. Thank goodness the hotel had a pool and comfy beds! Best redeeming part of the trip! Sorry to be all negative Nancy but I gotta keep it real!


kmom said...

I'm thankful it wasn't raining or windy and the hotel pool was in good working order and you made it safely there and back. You gave a very good, honest report of your time there. The phone report had more details such as there was lots of junk food to eat.

Shawn and Becky said...

At least you got a picture of the guy 'working!'

kmom said...

The lighted balloons are so pretty!

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