Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's A Girl!

We had our big ultrasound today! Ryan and I had both been thinking it was a boy this whole time mainly because my pregnancy has been so different. He did say today he was thinking it was a girl for some reason though. Jenna told us long ago she'd be happy to do a reveal party/find out the gender before me. I wasn't too keen on a big party, but I said if she was up for it I'd love for her to do something just for our family. She happily agreed....wonder why? So after we saw this little cutie's profile....
And wave.....
And feet, and kidneys, and heartbeat, and tummy, and head (sorry didn't want to bore you with grainy pictures of pictures) we headed to Jenna's with a sealed envelope. 
Then Ryan and I headed to Cheevers for dinner...but mainly for dessert. I could marry their ice cream pecan ball if I wasn't already taken. Do yourself a favor and eat this sometime. It's heavenly.
I had no idea what Jenna was planning for us but when we arrived at the park I saw Liv and the Vasquez's and this pinata hanging from a tree.....
With a bat nearby
The moment we've all been waiting for!
Ryan gladly did the honors
You can watch the video for yourself......
That was me that screamed. (and that was a toothpick in Ryan's mouth not a cigarette)
Can you tell I was a little shocked?! 
Liv was most excited about the pink candy inside but once she realized what "pink" represented she was even more pumped! She kept saying "I was right mom! You were wrong!" haha!
Happy Big Sister!
Lulu was sweet and made us cookies with pink icing!
The kids happily ate one!
Tell us how you really feel about more estrogen in the house Ryan???
We quickly both called our moms who were both thrilled.
Then of course we headed to Target to buy her first clothes!! I picked out a sweet outfit with a deer on it and Liv picked out a great "sister" ensemble.
Now let the naming begin!
(P.S. Baby Girl was measuring right on target at 19 weeks and the tech said she looked great!)


AM said...

Aw! So fun! Such an exciting time! So happy for your family and that every thing looks great!! :)

Anonymous said...

how about the RLI initials for a starting spot!
Aunt Debby

Shawn and Becky said...

Yeah! Congratulations! Love the piƱata and Liv's reaction to the candy :)

Anonymous said...

Too cute!! I like Olivia's idea of Brightly Rose. But how about a Brightlyn Rose, Olivia? Think the family would agree? ;) Super excited for you guys! -April B.

kmom said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! Love, Grammy

Anonymous said...

Watching the video made me tear up! I'm so happy for you guys :)Guess I better order this one a bow just like I did with Olivia. Can't wait to hear names.


GmaakaMom said...

I am so thankful that you have such wonderful friends that would do this for you. Grandpa and I are very happy and excited to meet our newest granddaughter. Poor George and Nolan. They will remain severely outnumbered. I pray for you and baby girl first thing every day. We love our Okie Isenbergs

Heather Askew said...

Jenna is too fun and creative! what a fun way to find out!! so excited to meet her!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations so excited for you!!!
Aunt Teri...

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