Sunday, October 05, 2014

More 2014 Fall Break Fun

Thursday of our fall break adventures Noah came over in the morning while his mommy went to work. While the two kiddos played I was able to finish beautifying our house with fall decor.
Then we packed up and headed to the Round Barn in Arcadia. It was on Liv's list of things to do on fall break. I'm not sure why she loves this barn so much but she does so we made it a priority!

I asked her what her favorite part is about the barn and she said the upstairs. I'd have to agree!
Noah, ever the inquisitive one asked me while we toured the downstairs, "So Katie what is it that makes this barn so old?" Uhhhhh time? It was built a long long time ago. Great question.
They wanted to buy a souenir so badly but then I found these free pamplets and they thought they were just as great and then asked me to take their pictures holding them. 
Then we met my old college roomie Kelli for lunch at Chic-fil-a. We got to see her new house that's almost done being built but I got no pics of this. Then we got to go see daddio at work! And spin in his office chair!
Then we came back to the house to play until Jenna came. Noah helped with Liv's reading lesson and then they practiced writing....ON THEIR OWN....their letters and numbers for like an hour on the dry erase board.
 Seriously I got to just sit like this for an hour and enjoy the beautiful weather!
Neighbors and baby come over and yet my feet still stay propped :) Ahh I love fall.
Thursday night I had book club and got to have a great dinner at Packard's. I hadn't been there yet but it was good and the girl time was much enjoyed....sorry no pics!

On Friday we hung around the house all day and then in the evening had Beezo, Chris, and the Vasquezes over for pizza and game night and smores. 
We played a new game called Caverna. It took up the whole table and like 6 hours to play but it was fun! The kids were worn out and despite attempts to stay up as late as the adults....they both fell asleep watching movies.

Saturday morning Ryan and Liv had a daddy/daughter date to Home Depot. On the first Saturday of every month Home Depot has a free building craft for kids. We learned about it last month when Liv built a birdhouse. This month she got to build an ambulance with wheels and working doors. 
It's a pretty cool thing, and they get a free pin to put on their apron for each project they do. It just so happened that this month they had a fire truck there, a pet adoption program, face painting and free hot dogs. I was at zumba while all this was happening but they shared pics with me. 
The weather was so beautiful when we all got back home that I threw our plans of going to the Regatta out the window and just stayed on the back porch most of the day reading while Liv played with silly putty and Ryan organized the garage. I did get off the patio furniture for awhile to organize a closet but not for too long.
It was heavenly. Then we had family movie night and watched this little gem. Liv loved it. 
Fall Break is spoiling us. And I don't care. One more week of it left and we are making the most of it!


GmaakaMom said...

Haven't seen Jon in a while. He's not the skinny kid he used to be. We'll have to touch bases with him on one of our trips down south. I'm glad we got to Skype. Love my Okie kiddos.

kmom said...

Great fall decor! I was surprised Liv wanted to visit the Round Barn. One visit seems enough. You were so lucky they liked the free souvenirs. Smart thinking! You are super at finding different things to do.

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