Monday, October 13, 2014


On Friday night our college girls came over for a girls night of junk food and viewing of the movie Annie. I thought Liv might enjoy it and she said she did although I'm not sure she followed the plot at all. At one point in the movie she said "They can't adopt Annie, she's the mom to all those other girls!" I was just glad she didn't ask Ms Hanegan was stirring in the bath tub! My favorite part of the evening was after the movie Liv asked if her friends could play in her room for awhile even though it was late. I said for a little bit and then I just got to eavesdrop on her conversation with them while they played legos

Girls: What are you gonna be for Halloween?
Liv: Elsa. My grammy and poppa got me an Elsa dress for my birthday. They live in TN. Mama used to live there when she was a little girl and they used to be her mom and dad.
So cute. She's still sorting out family relational ties and I like to hear her explain it to others! These girls are super sweet and talented and Liv cried when they left. It's been an emotional end of fall break.

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GmaakaMom said...

Personally, I've never liked the Annie story. But I'm glad Olivia did. I'll have to watch it again though and see why Ms. Hanigan was stirring the bathtub.

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