Thursday, October 09, 2014

Please Don't Go Fall Break 2014!!!!

Next Monday might be the hardest day of our lives. At least for me and Liv. Ryan's been working like usual these weeks so his heart doesn't ache like mine at the thought of not getting to spend the weekdays on fun adventures with 5 year olds....I'm not sure that's his passion anyway though. And the worst part of all of it is I can't really let HER know how much going back to school bums me out, because then she'll play to my weakness and I'll end up letting her sleep in and cuddling in my bed and drowning our sorrows in ice cream and candy corn for breakfast as we discuss homeschool options. MUST. BE. STRONG. Enough of that emotion though....let's get on with the fun.....

Tuesday we headed to the Tulsa area to check out the BlueBell Ice Cream Factory for a tour....aannnnd free ice cream at the end of the tour.
It is well priced (that means super cheap), informational, and best of all child friendly. We were the only ones on the tour so the lady got our undivided attention...well as much undivided attention as little kids allow.
You should have seen Noah's eyes when she told him robots load the pallets on the trucks for delivery. I'm pretty sure he thinks transformers live in the ice cream factory now.
We all got different flavors so we could all try a little bit of everybody's!
Then we headed to the Aquarium which I had heard was cool and it was, it really was. But it was also very expensive considering how small it is. We were there MAYBE an hour. Soooo not worth the money in my opinion, but it is a really neat place and it is expanding....but not fast enough for me to go back in this decade probably. Still glad we went though! 
This guy was showing Liv how much Horseshoe Crabs resemble spiders. She was not amused.
She did get brave enough to pet a starfish though.
Watch out Liv and Noah! A fish is coming to get you!
I loved the jelly fish and otters and sharks. 
So pretty when they can't sting you!
You got to walk thru the shark tank and they were swimming all around you and overhead. And blocking the exit!!! 
Sadly, Loran didn't make it out unharmed
Seahorses! (Have I ever told you about the time my adult friend thought seahorses were mythical creatures and then saw one at an aquarium and freaked out? Love that story.)
The kids had lots of fun. And it was practically empty since it was a Tuesday and most kids aren't on fall break!

Wednesday I worked all day so Jenna took the kids to Jump Zone where they got uber sweaty and had lots of fun that she texted me photos of.
And I wonder why her hair can't ever look the same as it did when she leaves the house in the morning :)
Thursday (today) a group of friends headed to Yukon/Mustang (which I have renamed "Yukstang") to see the Clydesdale horses. It's free. You just walk in the barn and see em!
Some were friendlier than others but all were GINORMOUS!!! This one I'm a little wary of because it was nipping at people and we all remember our run in with horses in TN don't we?? 
I got my eye on you horsey. (Notice I am 5'3" and am not as tall as the horses back so by my calculations this horse is at least 20' tall. Ryan says I'm bad with spatial awareness)
Oh look there's a tame horsey you can ride, Olivia!
Can you tell it was sunny?
A horseshoe horse sculpture!
Then we headed to an awesome playground/park nearby for a picnic. The kids barely stopped playing to wolf down their food. They were having a ball. And we mommies of course got to chat.
standing on Oklahoma! I don't know why their hands are raised though.
Then someone mentioned a cupcake place so we had to check that out...I appreciated their mini size options.
We came home for some outdoor play time and bubble blowing contests on the back patio of course.
Clearly Noah's was "The Best" I mean he already had the shirt on.
The weekend will be fun but the fall break end is in sight and you should probably just keep us in your prayers. I'm trying to get her excited to go back on Monday. Her teacher did handwrite the kids notes and we got ours in the mail today, so sweet. I have some "fall themed" wish list items for Liv to take to her class Monday. And I can eat lunch with her at school Monday so I'm hoping the transition back will be smooth....for both of us, but really I'm probably just gonna come home and eat candy corn and cry in Liv's bed while listening to "Slipping thru my fingers all the time....."


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
I am going to make your fall banner, love it!
Looks like you are having great fun on Fall Break. I was telling fellow teachers about it and they are all on board for requesting one here!
We went on the Blue Bell tour near Houston during our travels....wish I could take my class on a field trip there! Have a good rest of your break.\
Aunt Debby

GmaakaMom said...

Which is why my kids didn't start school until the government said they had to. Kindergarten was too soon for me. Boo hoo just remembering. We'll have to try the aquarium in Newport on your next trip to Oregon. Sounds like your having a GREAT (but too short) fall break.

kmom said...

Glad you and Olivia have had a very fun filled fall vacation.

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