Thursday, October 30, 2014

Trunk or Treat: The Stick People

We signed up to decorate a trunk again for our church's fall festival. We hadn't done a trunk since Where's Waldo. I immediately went to my Pinterest boards to see what we could come up with and I saw a pretty awesome stick figure costume. We recruited our pal Lauren to also be a part of our stick village. Then we made houses for our car decor. 
 I thought we looked pretty innocent, obvious, and clever. Lots of kids were scared of us though. And lots of adults were thinking WAY outside the box....keep it simple, adults. "Are you guys Ebola victims?" Like in hazmat suits or like stick thin from sickness? I'm so confused. Some thought skeletons. What?! I hope I have more bones in my body than that! Either way the secret judges saw the genius in our simplicity and we won Most Original.
Even Liv looks a little hesitant to sit in my lap.
Here are some other sites from the Trunk or Treat arena.
The safari truck (I refer to them as poachers...see gorillas in the cage)
The cupcake shop where the kids got to decorate real mini cupcakes. So cute!
The college kids were a hit with their candy shoppe.
I loved the Alice and Wonderland vehicle too even if the White Rabbit was in a hurry to smile for the pic!
Calvin, I mean Indiana, always rocks it in his Halloween gear.
I obviously need to brush up on my Batman knowledge as I had no idea who Freddy was as the Butler, but Tre makes a cute Batman and Patrice is a great catwoman!
These two soon to be newlyweds had an awesome Popeye and Olive Oil set up. We were a bit busy passing out candy/scaring children with our "scary costumes" so thankfully Ms. Jeri and Liv got to hang out at the festival and I don't think either one of them minded!
I did take her around to the bounce house and to get her face painted at the end though. 
Another great Trunk or Treat in the books! 


GmaakaMom said...

Again, your craftiness amazes me. Good job stick figure family. Did you get your white outfits from Goodwill? Happy Halloween tomorrow. Hope its not raining in OKC like it will be here in Newberg.

Ryan and Katie said...

Yes we had to thrift some white pants but we had one white long sleeve shirt.

kmom said...

Silly me. When I saw the pic on Facebook, I thought you were advertising for this year with a pic from last year. I didn't recognize you guys and I kind of thought you were skeletons. Silly me! Great work! Great costumes!

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