Monday, November 17, 2014

A Cuddly Snow Day

The snow started falling while we were at church yesterday. We went to lunch with friends at Ted's and then headed home. It fell for a few hours but there was probably only an inch or so total. Liv played out in it for a little bit, but it was pretty windy, so I convinced her to come inside to help me make pumpkin bread and then we all watched a movie together cuddled up in bed (and by watched I mean that I fell asleep, but they watched a movie) We even let Charlie up on the bed for some cuddles.
Then the rest of the time was spent with Liv coming up with random games that no one understands like this.
Today school is cancelled and the roads are bad so Ryan is going into work late so I MIGHT just get a hankering to put up some Xmas decor a little earlier than usual!


kmom said...

I didn't know Charlie could be so vocal.

Anonymous said...

I sure miss those family snuggle times. MomakaGma

The Moores said...

I laughed the whole way through that video. You guys are too funny, and it's so sweet how much Charlie is loving getting to snuggle on the bed!

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