Friday, November 07, 2014

Happy Bday OKCMB!

Warning: There are a lot of links in this post. I hope your mouse can handle it!
The Oklahoma City Mom's Blog celebrated it's first birthday recently! The Classen Curve helped host a fabulous party for all OKC moms last week. Here are some of the current contributors. We each bring a little something different to the table. Love these ladies!
There was food, shopping, cocktails, and swag....what more could you ask for?
Oh with girlfriends.

Then this week the contributors got to attend an OKC Favorite Things event in which we got lots of awesome merchandise from local vendors in our city.
We started off with a delicious meal at Alfredo's.
Since carbs and cheese is basically all I want to eat these days...Mexican food was an excellent treat!
Then we each got to find our place setting with a pile of great gifts.
I'll share the links below in case you are in need of holiday shopping ideas....
The cupcakes from Buttersweet Cakes are amazingly delicious.
The wine from Put a Cork in It obviously went unopened for now. I hear it's bad for the baby.
We also received gifts from Southern Okie groumet spreads (mmmm can't decide which to try first), Bedre Chocolate (Chocolate is my love language), Organic Squeeze (to cleanse myself after the chocolate), The Chalet Woodshop (kinda too pretty to cut on), and The Little Bubble (not only does this stuff smell great but it's made by a 10 year old!) 
These headbands from Pretty Strong Headbands (silicone makes a huge difference) are also pretty awesome. Patty is trying to teach me how to do a stank face.
And my wardrobe is expanding thanks to Oklahoma T shirt Company (a new one every month!) and the Vintage Pearl (beautiful jewelry!). Art for my wall from Nicah Lowry and candle for my table from White Apartment Studios.

I look forward to another year of working with a great network of other moms in our city. The website has grown tremendously and it's only getting bigger and better from here! We have great events and giveaways often so be sure to check the website or the facebook page daily!

My latest post kicks off a series of Breastfeeding related posts we are doing this month. I'm hopeful this next kiddo won't bring as many challenges to the table! 

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GmaakaMom said...

Looks like Christmas came early for the OKC moms. I can't wait to see that baby bump in person. The girls and I are still praying for you every day.

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