Thursday, November 13, 2014


Here's a smattering of things I've meant to blog about but keep forgetting to. Get ready for randomness!

Way back in September we had our Neighborhood Night Out where they close down the streets and we grill hot dogs and chat with neighbors and feel very American. Or at least ideal American. It was a great night and the firefighters brought their trucks for the kids to see in and we walked down and back with our neighbors and had a grand old time. Have I mentioned I love this hood? I think I have.
Moving along, Liv's teacher has a website for the class and she often posts pics of their field trips for those of us who didn't go that week to see. They recently got to go to the very top of the Devon tower (on the coldest day of the season no less!) 
Can you spot Liv in each picture?
Their xmas decor was out and I guess that was enough motivation for these 5 year olds to walk in 20 degree weather!
A few years ago Ryan and I saw the documentary Ghengis Blues (I'm pretty sure you can watch it on youtube now) and were fascinated with the Tuvan throat singers. Do you even know where Tuva is? Google it. Anyway these famous musicians from this tiny unknown country were in Oklahoma and we got to see them for free at one of the libraries. I was pretty pumped. Liv sat nicely through most of it but she thought all the songs sounded the same after awhile. I love our libraries.
In October my little Bible class of Pre-k thru 1st graders joined in with Kid President and Grover from Sesame Street and collected socks for the homeless (Socktober). Our goal was 50 and we received 86 pairs! Some from outside the class. I hope next year to get the whole church involved. We took them to City Rescue on the last day of October.
Our dear old pal Ricky was in town on furlough from India and was so kind to come by our house to see us. He wasn't able to bring his family this time, but we are always encouraged to hear about their mission work in Kakinada. One the far future...I hope we can visit him and see the children's home and all the other mission work being done there. He might be the happiest and most positive person I've ever known!
Christmas decorating started this week at work, but I did get to make one fall garland for a front door that was pretty beautimous. Christmas pics will come later when we are all done.
I probably should've spaced these out into a few posts since I've been a slacker lately but there ya go! Book review and house updates coming soon!


GmaakaMom said...

Cant wait to see more of your Christmas decor work.

kmom said...

Beautiful door wreath!

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