Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tennessee Tri-fecta: Happy Birthday to me!

We celebrated in TN with the family for dinner and cake. 
This is my mom giving detailed instructions for which direction we should walk around the kitchen island to get food. It was complicated.
Time for a cousin photo! 
One more girl will be in the next one! Maybe one day a boy will enter into this special ring of women....
I love how quickly Naomi can pout that wittle wip out!
And whilst we played Catan....
These two enjoyed a Disney movie.
 Things I got no pictures of relating to my bday celebrations.....
My husband took me on a date in TN to see Intersteller and eat at Longhorn and got me a new watch.
On my actual birthday (today) my in-laws took us to Cattleman's and I got to deck my halls with boughs of holly and other things. Then we watched White Christmas in the glow of the Xmas lights. 
I got lots of cards from family and friends and several facebook messages that my phone would not allow me to see.
So far 32 is pretty good!

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