Friday, December 19, 2014

An Update on Sparkles....

Here is a follow up on the missions Sparkle McGlitter has brought us each day to help him spread Christmas cheer through giving and serving others!
Day 1--We found him in a stocking and the mission was to shop for a child in need through OK foster wishes. We went with Noah to pick out some clothes and toys on the child's list and it was tough to explain what a foster child was to Olivia but definitely created some great conversations.
Day 2--Sparkles was on the dining table with a mission to send the shut-ins from our church some cards. (Liv kept referring to them as "shut downs" which might also be accurate) She wrote their name herself on the cards and really enjoyed this activity. One lady even called me this week to thank us for remembering her.

Day 3--The sneaky elf was hiding in the pantry with the canned foods and a mission to donate to our church's food pantry. We bought some canned goods and took them to church with us Sunday.
Day 4--The princesses had joined Sparkles for a picnic and a note to help with unloading of the dishwasher.
Day 5--He was easily found at breakfast with all the things needed to send cards to family and friends. I was surprised how many cards she actually signed her name and drew pictures on but she really likes to do that!

Day 6--The elf on the shelf was actually on a shelf that day and we baked lots of holiday treats to hand out to others throughout the month

Our traditional peppermint cookies didn't want to spread this year for some reason. They sure aren't pretty but the pink icing hides a multitude of sins and luckily they are still delicious!
Day 7--Sparkles was extra crafty and crammed himself in a utensil drawer with a mission for us to serve a meal with our small group at the Ronald McDonald house. (Kids actually aren't allowed in the kitchen there but she had fun playing with friends while the adults served!)

Day 8--We perused the World Vision and Compassion catalogs to find ways we can help give to others in nations of poverty. Liv decided she wanted to help sponsor a well for a family so they'd have clean water access.
Day 9--Sparkles was in the fridge with a note to give treats to our neighbors. Thankfully we'd already done the baking so Liv just put a few in a baggie with a note attached from her. We ran door to door and even met some new people! Then a few days later they brought us some homemade bread!
Day 10--Sparkles hid with a present and a note to shop for mommy a gift and wrap it. Ryan took her out and I assume got one ;)
Day 11--Sparkles hid in the lamp with a mission to "Light" up someone's day by giving out as many smiles as you can.
Day 12--Sparkles was hanging from the garland and we got to think of a gift for daddy from Olivia. She came up with a good gift but I can't share it here yet, it'd ruin the surprise!
Day 13--Sparkles had a great mission for us to go experience the life of a child from a 3rd world country through the Compassion Van at a church in our city. It was an interactive tour led by audio headphones that let you hear and see what life is like for many other people across the world and how we can help them and share God's love.
I didn't get pics of us accepting the challenges every day, but at least I got a few. Stay tuned for more ways Sparkles challenged us to give this month....


kmom said...

I'm thankful Olivia likes to help send cards to people.

GmaakaMom said...

I love this post. What a great way to encourage your daughter to be a giver, especially at Christmas time. Give my girl and big kiss from Grandma and tell her how proud I am of her. Love ya all and am counting the days till Idaho.

Becky W said...

I LOVE these ideas!!!!!! WOW!!! Great job with everything! I am sad to say our elf disappeared and by the time a new one came around I was knee deep in school stuff. We have not been able to do as much but I hope this week we can make up for time lost!

kmom said...

You are so creative with good deeds for Olivia to do. You are a super mom for finding time to do all these things.

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