Monday, December 08, 2014

Baby's First Cavity....and it was a doozy!

I'm usually not too hard on myself as a mom. Sure I have mommy guilt like everyone else at times, but I like to think that I am pretty good at forgiving myself. BUT the first day Liv said her tooth hurt, it was a punch to my gut. I knew it was a cavity. Cavity in baby molar = I am a failure. I was hoping it wasn't, but after a few more days of complaining when she chewed, I knew in my soul the horrible truth. Logically, I know she inherits pretty cruddy dental genes from my side of the family, but Ryan's teeth are impeccable so I thought she had a 50/50 chance! Sadly she must have gotten my cruddy teeth. And a cavity in a baby molar made me feel like the worst mom ever...I dunno why (and I'm not judging anyone out there whose kid has had cavities, I myself have one in every tooth I think, it's just some random thing that makes me feel like a failure). She doesn't have much juice, and when she does we water it down. We hid the Halloween candy a week after Halloween. She's only been chewing gum for 2 months and not that often now that she ran out. She brushes daily. We go for 6 month check ups. We don't floss but who does?!
Keeping this thing a wiggly 5 year old's nose was not easy!
Anyway she loves the dentist, so I was hoping this didn't ruin it for her. They took xrays and showed me that the decay in her molar was bad enough that she couldn't have a filling, she would just have to cap it. (A silver a princess! I tried my best) They said it so jauntily I almost forgot that I had issues with my cap for a YEAR. I played along with the "this'll be a piece of cake" game for Liv's sake. And she was rocking it. No tears, she was perfectly still, took the shots like a boss. I was literally did I birth this calm child who is a rock under distress?! I was pleasantly surprised that all was going so well, but then we had to wait. And while we waited, she kept chewing on her numb lip and cheek which was bleeding worse and worse no matter how much the hygienist and I tried to distract her. I think we had to wait over an hour for the dentist to come back to us.
Taking shots like a champ with Marie by her side!
But she was good through the drilling and they kept complimenting her and I was starting to believe she was gonna get through this without one complaint! Then I saw a tear fall and she started choking and she could not calm down. They were 99.9% done and she lost it. Like worse than when a broken arm bone pierced her skin last spring. The dentist said she shouldn't be able to feel anything, but he gave her another shot to be sure. He had to stop putting the cap on because she wouldn't keep her hands out of her mouth. He seemed kind of panicked and I couldn't figure out why they didn't have some sort of procedure or gas in place to just knock her out?! I dunno how most 5 year olds react, but considering how much they were praising her and saying they wished all kids were like her I assumed most freaked out like this? So I thought they'd be better prepared, I dunno. She finally calmed down enough for him to finish, but then she lost it again and I couldn't hear over her screaming to ask him any questions or talk to the receptionist and by then she was making a big enough scene I don't think they cared if they got paid, they wanted her to quit traumatizing the other patients in the waiting room.

So my nerves were shot and I was so worried as to why she had been fine through the whole thing and then lost it or how she could be in pain and then I remembered I am her mother. Sooooo what I assume is her anxiety just caught up with her. She'd been too strong for too long and she lost it like someone else I know does occasionally. It was a very rough 3 minute ride home and I was actually glad she had broken her arm so we could have some tylenol with codeine on hand! She took some and mellowed out within minutes requesting Netflix movies with ease. Needless to say we did NOT go to school. I called the dentist to ask my questions about food and post care etc. Then she was ready to eat some soft foods, so she did. We were able to then run errands and buy some pink cowgirl boots with her gift card from Grammy and she seemed perfectly chipper.
Showing off her new boots and swollen smile!
Then the medicine started to wear off and her poor swollen lip (more from all that biting than the procedure) was getting in her way and there was much whining, but I was hoping gymnastics would take her mind off of it until we could drug her again at bed time. Daddy took her because I was beat. And yes I still feel like her cavity is all my fault and right now I never want her to have sugar ever again, but mostly I don't know how any mothers do it who have to see their children with chronic illnesses or pain. I seriously almost told Ryan to come home from work because I couldn't handle her screaming anymore. OVER A CAVITY. I'm weak. And I'm adding one more to the mix. I hope at least this one gets her daddy's teeth!

(A week later her cheek and lip are less swollen, but still pretty gross and give her trouble when chewing. The cap however seems to be fine, but I guess will find out better when she can actually chew on that side again. We will see how she handles her next 6 month check up if I can even get her in the detist's door, otherwise we might have to see a pediatric dentist who prescribes kids xanax before their appt...and maybe mothers too!)


The Moores said...

Wow, I'm stressed out just reading about it! I'm sorry she (and you) had to go through that. You'd think they'd use some gas or something to knock the poor girl out!
I love your new boots, Liv. (Sorry we'll have to hide all the candy from you at Christmas cause I don't think your mom is going to let you have any :). )

GmaakaMom said...

Wish I were there to help. That stress over seeing your child in pain never goes away. I sure hope her mouth is all healed real soon. And Carries right, I guess we'd better keep our Christmas sugar free (except for the turtles of course). Still counting the days.

kmom said...

You were so descriptive, I felt quite faint just reading about the ordeal. It's a good thing you and Olivia (and Ryan) are survivors. I can't believe she had to wait so long for the dentist to come in and they didn't give her something to keep her calm. The pediatric dentist I took you and Amy to for a while wouldn't let the parents come to the exam room until they were finished.

Shawn and Becky said...

I feel the exact same way. I'm so careful, we brush every night and now floss everyday, but Cameron's got the bad genes from Shawn's side. He's had many cavities now and they've wanted to cap one tooth, but I keep holding off and we keep filing it instead . . . hoping it falls out first :) Thankfully Cameron is okay with the work so far, but man it feels awful! I feel your pain, exactly, total mom fail . . . sort of anyway! I actually asked the dentist, WHAT can I do that I'm not doing . . . he said, if we only knew . . .

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