Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Book Review

I think this is the last review for 2014! Another great year of great books!

The Next Time You See Me. So this book was really perplexing to me because I thought it was so well written and there was great character development and I related to the small town drama (even though I've never discovered a dead body in the small town I grew up in) but it just ended.....there were so many loose ends and I don't mind ending a book leaving a little bit up in the air but I felt like the author just literally gave up or ran out of steam or something. So I don't recommend it unless she offers an alernate ending and I give it a 6 but it could've been much higher....

The Witch of Blackbird Pond. It's autumn and Ryan's sister reads this book every autumn and I thought I'd join in the tradition once again and was not disappointed. You'd think after reading it this many times I'd remember it pretty well but I actually kind of forget what happens every time I read it. That doesn't speak well for my memory, but it is what it is. I think it would be a great movie but I had a hard time casting it in my head. (Laura, who would you cast?)

The Husbands Secret. A wife finds a note from her husband that says "to be read after I've died" and guess what....he isn't dead yet. The big secret inside is what the whole book is about and how it affects the various characters in the tale. I really like this author's writing, she keeps you interested, has short intriguing chapters, and great character development. She also wrote What Alice Forgot that I enjoyed. My only complaint is that it's a bit unbelieveable in my opinion but I still read it super fast! I give it an 8.5.

Children of the Day. I think it's no secret that I enjoy all of her Bible studies and this one on Thessolonians that our ladies class did was no exception! I probably say the same thing every time I review one of her studies so I'll keep it short and just say try it....you'll like it!

I MIGHT get another book read over Christmas vacation, but we'll see. I always like to spend the end of the year reading my fav with my bud Holden. I've already written my "Best of 2014 books" list for OKCMB (so I hope I don't read anything life changing or I'll have to alter my list!) so be on the lookout for that post and link! What are you reading?

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Becky W said...

LOVE The Witch of Blackbird Pond! May have to check out some others too!

lauren and brad said...

I just read The Witch of Blackbird Pond this fall because of you and Laura. I loved it too!!!! I love your book reviews. Almost every book I read is because of you recommending it! xoxo

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