Thursday, December 18, 2014

Breakfast with Santa

I'm so far behind on posting but work has been crazy the past 2 weeks and I seriously go to bed at the same time my 5 year old does right now. No complaints though, I like my sleep! Hopefully I can get caught up on the blog over the next few days before we head out to Idaho! 
Anyway the OKCMB and Dunlap Codding hosted a breakfast with Santa a few weekends ago. It's nice for Liv to be at an age where she isn't terrified of the guy in the red suit! We've seen him a few places this season and the main thing she tells him she wants is a princess camera that really works. 
I asked her that morning if she wanted to wear a Christmas shirt and she replied that she really wanted to make sure Santa knew she was gonna be a big sister. Such a sweet girl...I hope she stays that excited! 
Besides yummy food there were crafts and coloring. Then Liv and I headed to Edmond for Todd's Toolman birthday. We managed to build a toy lawnmower without hammering anyone's thumb!  
And then I got to snuggle one of Haven's first friends, Felicity. There were 2 baby girls born last month at our church and 2 more girls on the way in the spring!  

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kmom said...

Felicity is a cutie!

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