Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Sweater Bowling: 3 Years Goings Strong!

With bedtime being earlier because of school this year, it's been hard to fit in some of our holiday traditions but Friday marked the last day of school before winter break so we headed to Tinker Friday evening with the Vasquezes for some Christmas sweater bowling! A lady at church knows we do this every year and actually randomly bought Ryan and I our get ups from a thrift store this year! She gave them to us a few weeks ago and lovingly told me she bought me a large for my baby bump :)  I got Liv's get up at a thrift store the morning we went! I love this tradition and hope we continue it for a long time!
Bowling while pregnant brought me good luck, I got a strike on my first bowl! But after 4 rounds and a broken thumbnail, my back was aching and I let Ryan and Liv finish out my rounds! No complaints.
Whose belly is bigger? 
Noah's good at giving tips on just about everything including bowling!
Liv actually beat all of us! 
Ryan loves it when he gets to wear women's clothing for the holidays! 
Here's a photo comparison of the past 3 yrs.....
And remember when this happened....
Hahaha! I do hope that Ms. Haven is less of a dare devil!


GmaakaMom said...

You all look positively lovely. Ry should have worn the beret again. I'm kinda worried that he gets excited about wearing womens clothes. Maybe Carrie has bowling planned for Idaho. See ya tomorrow.

kmom said...

Olivia wins the prize with her Christmas top! Enjoyed all the smiles!

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