Sunday, December 07, 2014

Grandma came to town!

Well so did Grandpa but I got no pictures of him! And I barely got any of grandma. We got back from TN on Saturday night and about an hour after we arrived Grandma and Grandpa came!! It probably helped Liv not be as sad about leaving Grammy and Papa's. It was a short trip as they were on their way to Oregon from Branson but we had a great 24 hours together. We churched on Sunday and they took me out to Cattleman's for a birthday lunch. Ryan and his dad put the deck back together (it was torn up from the pier work) while Mona, Liv and I decorated the house for Christmas. And we all got to watch White Christmas together in the evening.
It was a brief visit but was made easier by the fact that we will see them very soon at Christmastime!

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GmaakaMom said...

We're counting the days till Christmas. Thanks for letting us stay at hotel Isenberg.

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