Saturday, December 27, 2014

Holiday Happenings

We've managed to make some Christmas memories even though I've been lax in blogging about them this month! Here's an overload of the holiday merriment we've been experiencing!

Book Advent--we still did her book countdown just without the daily activities!
Cards--Liv loved to help me with cards this year. I thought I'd make it easier and print our own photos and put them in a card with a list of highlights from our year instead of just printing a photo card from Walgreens or something. This proved to be way harder. And I bought an assortment of cards so it was quite the undertaking!
Lights--We have driven by a house near our neighborhood set to music several times but one night we ventured to Chesapeake for their awesome display. Liv was so anxious to touch a limb!
I loved the reflection in the water of the lights.
Baking---we managed to make 2 loaves of pumpkin bread, peppermint and chocolate kiss-mas treats, chocolate cookies, and peppermint cookies!
Ornaments---We picked out our yearly Hallmark ornament one night. Ryan and I took awhile to decide but we got this knitted snowman just because we both liked it! No family significance we just liked it! I was hoping Liv would pick the "sisters" ornament but she couldn't pass up this Belle one! I think Elsa would've been the winner but she was sold out!
We took Liv by Ingrid's one day after school to pick out a sugar cookie and see their giant gingerbread house.I love the candy stained glass windows!
This is the only photo I got of our work party but the 5 of us went to Cheever's for a delicious meal and an overload of desserts!! Then we went to the Holiday Dance show at OCU. It was great!
Jenna helped out tons while I worked extra hours this season. She always took ths kids fun places...even ice skating but I can't find those pics! I appreciate that she sent me photos of the fun they were having even if it made me a bit jealous!

Giving--We gave lots with the help of Sparkles this year, but Danielle at church also did lots of service opportunities with the kids including delivering cookies to the fire station by Mayfair. They were kind to show off the truck to the kids! Liv remembered we saw truck 17 and one day we saw it on the road with its lights on and she got excited!
Movies---We enjoyed lots of family holiday movies online from the warmth of our home, on the couch or on the projector in our bed. I think I fell asleep during all of them but I hear the other 2 members of our family enjoyed them! We took Liv to see Big Hero Six the night after we got our ornament. We all enjoyed that one and I did manage to stay awake for it!


GmaakaMom said...

You've stayed so busy. No wonder that flu bug found you guys. You were too tired to outrun it. Miss yiou guys already. Be praying hard tomorrow for your safe trip. Love Love Love

kmom said...

Wonderful Christmas memories! I remember seeing Christmas lights with you in OKC in a neighborhood all syncronized to music. Magical! Danielle and Jenna are super!

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