Friday, December 26, 2014

Holiday Scenes

Here are some holiday scenes we've been enjoying around the house this year!
Every year we say we'll get a new tree. But once again I think we'll keep her. She doesn't take up much space! I love that our tree got to be in front of a window we see when we drive by. 
These reindeer are prob my favorite Xmas decoration. I just love em!
I was beginning to fret when we had only received one Christmas card. I thought they were all being sent to our old address or something but thankfully they all arrived within a day or two of each other and my stair garland was transformed by the wonderful reminder of how many friends and family we are blessed with in our lives!
I love our mantle and I love the Santa Cross-stitch addition this year (a gift from co-worker) and the Joy knitted star (from Shanny)
The troll nativity was resurrected and Liv had lots of fun playing with it and disrobing them over and over again!
My sock snowmen are still some of my favs too but their socks will need to be redone next year I fear and they aren't holding up too well!
I love the side of our fridge with all of Liv's holiday school art. She had some winter activities to do over the break and one was to bubble map her Christmas plans. She was excited to do this with Ryan and me at dinner one night! 
We still unwrapped a Christmas book (reused ones every year!) a day as a countdown, but this year we didn't do activities with them. We still did plenty of Christmas activities but with school and work and wanting to focus more on giving, unwrapping and reading a book each night was enough! Liv really enjoyed her Christmas search and find book best.
Our ornament from last year to remember all the great chapter books we began to read with Liv was among my favs on the tree this year!
Ryan was so awesome to put lights up on our house. This one was a bit dark but this next shot is a bit Clark Griswold! I promise you can't see our house from outerspace.

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kmom said...

I like seeing the Christmas books on your mantle. Your Christmas outdoor lights look super! Are Green and Red Bears in the Christmas decor somewhere or are they still being played with and loved on?

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