Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year!
Consider this your holiday ecard if we missed you somehow this year in the mail out!
Love Ryan, Katie, Olivia, Charlie (and Haven)

We celebrated in Oklahoma yesterday morning. Although Liv was diagnosed with the flu the day before, she was feeling much perkier and her fever was starting to finally go down. Ryan and I were both starting to get a cough, but we are hoping no fever follows! 
This next picture perfectly captures the morning...mid cough!
Her stocking blends in with her pj's! 
Liv helped Charlie open her gifts!
 Traditional loot photos! Liv was pretty excited about all her presents this year. She probably is enjoying her real camera and Elsa crown and wand most of all so far. 
 My gifts were all small but mean so much to me. Ryan got me a new camera lens and a wifi camera card and other things. Liv picked out a beautiful mother/daughter bracelet for me. I teared up when I opened it and even allowed myself to give her flu stricken body a hug.
 Ryan got things for his beard, feet, and garage! Liv picked him out a pretty awesome gift...a bike helmet. You know...because we gave him a bike for fathers day and he still hasn't picked one out yet! I thought it was pretty appropriate! Maybe it will prod him along...
 Charlie girl got a blanket, bones, and new toy!
We all managed to not get any coal this year! The best gift of all will be if we can all stay well in Idaho (and if we hear good news back from our city permit issues about our addition!) 
Merry Christmas!

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kmom said...

I think I missed this post. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas and it was so good to Skype with you. Charlie took a good picture with her presents and mysterious eyes. Love, Mom

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