Wednesday, December 24, 2014

See Ya Next Year Sparkles!

Day 15: Share treats with your Gymnastics teachers. Liv was happy to fill more treat bags for her favorite teachers she sees each Monday at Metro.
Day 16: Give a gift to the staff at your school. We made a nice basket filled with an assortment of cookies and treats we had made and Liv decorated a card for them. She really enjoyed me walking her into school best of all though!
Day 17: Give to the church staff and scholastic pajama drive. I sure am glad we baked all of those goodies in one day so when Sparkles gives us a mission like this we can just fill a container and go!
Day 18: Give your school teachers a gift. Sparkles just so happened to know their favorite candies and we filled a mug with their initials with their favorite sugary snack and Liv made them cards.
I got to attend her school Xmas sing-a-long that day and her winter class party. They had a book swap and she got a neat pop up book.
Day 19: Leave the mailman a nice note. I hear it's illegal for mailmen to take gifts but ours didn't seem to mind the treat bag and thank you note we left him....unless someone else took it from the mailbox!
(Day 20: uhhhh....Sparkles must have gone back to the North Pole to check on things this day....)

Day 21: Have a playdate with a purpose and help fill bags for the homeless people with friends.

Oops! I didn't get a pic of Sparkles this day but I did get some shots of the kids. We didn't have church this Sunday evening so some friends came over and each brought items we could put in bags the kids decorated and hand out to people we see on street corners when driving in our cars. 
I really wanna know what Annaleise and Danielle are discussing in this photo
Day 22: We showed our appreciation to community helpers. Danielle already had the kids at church decorate cookies one night and we took them to the firestation by the church. But we wanted to say thanks to the ones in our neighborhood so Noah and Liv decorated cards and we bought donuts and took them to our local stations. The firemen are always prepared for kids with stickers and tours....the police dept....not so much. But they were both very kind and gracious!
Day 23: Sparkles challenged us to go Christmas caroling. I was really looking forward to this but Liv tested positive for the flu (sorry Police and firemen!) so we were going to skype carol but it didn't happen because we were all pretty miserable by evening.
Since we left early for Idaho our Christmas came on Christmas Eve so Sparkles went back to the North Pole on the 23rd. I enjoyed the focus on giving that he helped us with this year and I think it helped (along with not taking Liv to ANY retail stores this month...except for a gift for daddy and foster child) with her attitude. I hope next year we can be just as mindful of the reason for the season if not more! See ya next year Sparkles!

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kmom said...

Glad you were able to think up and do so many great service projects. I am so impressed!

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