Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The Bump: 26 weeks and she has a name!

I'm 26 weeks tomorrow and still feeling good. Let the third tri-mester begin! I will admit the back pain and indigestion have been getting worse, but overall I still feel well enough to work and work out so I'm thankful for that. (The people watching my belly bump groove in zumba may not be thankful though!) Now if I have the energy level to do anything after I work or work out is a different story! I have been known to fall asleep early or during Olivia's bed time stories and wake up so completely disoriented not knowing what day or time it is. 
After a bit of deliberation we finally settled on a name: Haven Ruth Isenberg. Haven is just a name I love and also happens to be my favorite female author, Haven Kimmel. Ruth is after Ryan's grandmother. And Isenberg....is our last name :) Ryan wasn't sold on the first name for awhile but he's a good husband and let me win that battle. I think it's growing on him. Olivia was not too thrilled that we didn't choose Rosa or Henrietta, but she has actually started calling her Haven now so I count that as a win. 
My pregnancy agoraphobia has gotten better, but I would still rather be at home than around people. Sorry people. We will get to schedule my due date next month which seems pretty crazy to have a date set in stone, but I'm excited! I already have all my doctors appts scheduled for the rest of the pregnancy which seems so fast! I had my glucose test yesterday, and thank goodness I passed. Call me crazy, but I kinda like the way that glucola tastes!
Charlie likes to snuggle the bump. She did with Olivia too!
This was my belly on Thanksgiving. I was most thankful I got to wear maternity pants during that big meal....for more than one reason of course! 
(Comparison shot of Liv at 27 weeks)


Michelle said...

I LOVE the name, it's so cute and so unique!!

Anonymous said...

The name is beautiful! I love it :)


The Moores said...

What a beautiful name. Can't wait to meet little Haven Ruth!

GmaakaMom said...

I raised a good son. This grandma is very anxious to meet Haven Ruth. Thank you for honoring my Mom like that. Love you all

kmom said...

I like the name Haven and look forward to meeting her. Charlie did well with Olivia so I think she will do even better with Haven. She has achieved more patience, tolerance, and coping skills.

Shawn and Becky said...

So late to the party . . . love her name! Your belly is cute!

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