Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Little Gymnast that Could

Olivia has been taking gymnastics once a week since September and she is really loving it. I haven't posted pictures until now because the parents aren't allowed to go out on the floor during class. We sit in a little waiting room with some windows that allow you to see very little of what's going on, but enough that I watch occasionally when I can spot her out there. This week however was family night so we finally got to walk around with them to all the events and take as many pictures as we like!
It was really fun to see all the activities they do and the skills they have learned. They split the group into smaller groups after the big warm up session. The "big kids" are having practice at the same time too and it's fun for the little ones to see what they'll be able to do if they keep working hard! 
It makes me dizzy just to watch her!
Liv is really into speed and not so much technique. She is strong and fearless and has great balance (despite how clumsy she is in everyday life!). She flips on the bar as many times as possible and she dives head first into the foam pit with no caution. I don't think anyone watching her would be surprised to know the daredevil has broken her arm twice!
She loves that she is in the same class as her friend Elle (and it's nice for me too so I have a mommy friend to chat with during her class!)

I'm really impressed with the teachers and curriculum they use at Metro and I highly recommend it to others!


GmaakaMom said...

She and Hazel will have to compare notes. Tell her Grandma was a gymnast in Jr. High and High School and I loved it too.

kmom said...

She looks like she enjoys it. It is great exercise. She has great form on the floor balance beam and just needs to practice looking straight ahead instead of at her feet. Soon she will achieve that.

Michelle said...

So fun! I need to get Kellyn in some sort of gym class....she is a forward rolling crazy right now....I'm actually pretty impressed that she can do it perfectly every single time....Cooper can barely do a somersault...

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