Thursday, December 04, 2014

The Rest of TN....including Outtakes!

The shots that just didn't fit in the tri-fecta posts:
My niece is still cuter than your niece. And I love her sweet dress that someone made her to match the curtains I made for her room. 
My selfie taker needs to be cleaned
Did I mention she's walking now? It's her favorite pastime besides chewing on shoelaces!
And did I mention my daughter forgets how to walk when Papa's around....
He loves his girls!
Everyone loves to feed Mary Belle. 
And a few family shots during our photo sesh with Papa Bear.
And as always....Charlie was the best traveler and such a good houseguest! Too bad it's probably the last trip for her unless we get a bigger vehicle someday. I just don't think there will be room for 3 girls in the back seat!

And the Outtakes....
Am I taking a picture of my dad's rear end? I'll let you be the judge.
Tell us how you really feel about family photos Mary Belle?
And then tell us how you feel about Liv trying to carry you around everywhere....
The tickle shots on family photos are always pretty great.
These will not be in the Christmas card
This kid knows how to snooze in a car! Which is good so she doesn't puke! (only puked twice this trip but we made it to the curb and plastic bag in time so it's a win in my book!)
Love the last stretch of hwy to Henderson. It's always a pretty drive but always a scary one as I'm clenching in fear of hitting a deer. We almost sideswiped a live turkey which we thought would've been kinda cool to have for Thanksgiving dinner!
That concludes our trip to Rocky Top!


GmaakaMom said...

Looking forward to getting my copy of that family picture (hint hint). Though it will be outdated in just a few months. And, yes, it does look like your Dad is posing for a shot of his derriere. So funny!

kmom said...

Thank you for sharing pictures of my grandbabies, even the ones when they are their natural selves.

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