Monday, December 01, 2014

Welcome back Sparkles!!!

This year Sparkles McGlitter added something else special to his daily hide-n-seek game. I blogged about it over at OKCMB today and I think it will help us as a family stay focused on how we can give to others this season and not just focus on ourselves. I'll let you know how it goes!!
He appeared last night after watching White Christmas with a knock at the door. She was very confused about what to do with a present that had no card attached to it. We finally convinced her it was ok for her to open it. Liv was surprised to see him and remembered we couldn't touch him. 
He wrote her a letter explaining that he would come with a mission each day on how we could help spread Christmas cheer by giving and helping others. Then we read the book together. She was too excited to sleep and was ready to find him as soon as her eyes opened this morning!
She had a hard time finding him when she woke up commenting that our house was much bigger this time so there were more places to hide. Very true. Once she did find him, she kept trying to hand him a pen to see if he would take it from her to write a note.
She and grandma eventually found him in her stocking with her first mission: to help spread Christmas cheer to a child in need this year. (Through OK foster wishes). So after school we headed to Target with Noah, whose elf had also given him the same mission, and shopped for another person. Stay tuned for more giving back with Sparkles!

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(Tomorrow continues the TN tri-fecta posts, don't worry!)

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