Friday, January 16, 2015

House Renovation Begins!!

After a brief debate with our structural engineer vs. the city....our permit was finally approved and day 1 of construction (or demo) began today! They said they can be done in 10 days....we'll see about that! The weather is supposed to be super nice in the upper 50s and sunny for about a week so they plan to work through this weekend to get it all closed in before the rain prediction next week. Then Ryan gets to work extra hard for the next 7 weeks to get it mostly done before baby Haven gets here so he can be a daddy and husband more than a handyman....although he excels at both!

Here's the before of Day 1
And here is how it looked by the end of Day 1 (yes a few squirrels finally ran out!)
We had to empty our dining room of most of the furniture just in case something fell from the ceiling. 
To answer the questions you may have I'll provide some info. The room is upstairs directly over our dining room. See how you can currently turn right at the top of these stairs?
When the room is added a doorway will be cut and you will also be able to turn left at the top of the stairs.
This next shot is taken from the bathroom door at the top of the stairs looking straight ahead to where the new door will be.
That cute little window at the top of the stairs will be gone as a ginormous closet will be behind the wall. I think it's a fair trade. The stair landing will be squared off instead of curved.

We hired contractors to do all the exterior framework, roofing, siding, and windows. Ryan plans to do all the interior....drywall, insulation, mechanical, texture, paint. For the most part they won't even need to enter the house until they cut the doorway and fix the stair landing. We plan to carpet the room and have it be the guest bedroom and possible nursery if Olivia decides sharing a room with her baby sister isn't all it's cracked out to be. Only time will tell. Then the room downstairs that is currently our laundry/guest room will become a playroom much like the one in our old house. Our upstairs will be without heat for awhile, but we will still have heat downstairs and hot air rises so we are hoping with the help of space heaters we will be ok for a bit! Anyway stay tuned for more progress over the next few days!


kmom said...

It looks like a new window was put in on the wall above the french doors on your patio. What is that and where is that and won't it be useless since won't that be a solid wall next to your bedroom wall? It is confusing me and Dad. I like your Christmas garland on your stairs.

Ryan and Katie said...

That is a window into our bedroom and yes it will be drywalled over along with the tiny window to the left of it that is at the top of the stairs.

GmaakaMom said...

We've never had heat upstairs but it stays pretty warm just from the heat rising from downstairs. Rick put a vent in the bathroom upstairs so the heat could rise more efficiently in that particular room because I didn't want to get out of a shower on a cold morning and freeze my ... "whatever" off. Looking good. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Shawn and Becky said...

Exciting start! We'll be right behind you with renovations . . . and sounds like we might be doing the same interior work ourselves. I'll stay tuned for updated!

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