Saturday, January 03, 2015

Idaho Christmas: Nerf Guns Bring Out the Kids in Everyone!

The biggest hit (literally-ha!) in Idaho was the grandparents' gift of the nerf guns. All the oldest kids received one and there were also some bought at a thrift store so the biggest kids (dads) had something to join in the battle with. The little kids, Alice and Olivia, found joy in setting up targets of red solo cup towers and being bullet retrievers. Seriously....hours and hours were spent like this. 
Nice Walker Texas Ranger roll, Ryan
I wish we'd gotten a better pics of the towers Liv and Alice built for these guys just to shoot down over and over and over and over again
I told you the dads had just as much fun!
Laura's face captures the mom's enthusiasm accurately I think.
Have fun finding nerf bullets all over the house for the next few months!



Yes! Good call Grandma on the Nerf gifts. You would think that mom would be a good shield...not so. I got shot in the eye. Better to just be an observer than a prob. =)

kmom said...

Looks like fun for the kids and dads. I hope no breakables such as those plates on the shelves were hit.

The Moores said...

I am finding them everywhere! But all the ones I find are going in to my own personal stash and I'm holding them for ransom...or for an ambush :).

GmaakaMom said...

I think I had more fun watching them than they had playing. I too am glad that no breakables were hit, except Hazels eye of course.

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