Monday, January 05, 2015

Idaho Christmas

Get ready for a lot of photos and there would probably be MORE pictures had I been out of bed more, but Ryan and Carrie took most of these because I caught a slight case of Liv's flu (I assume) plus some other health issues I was facing left me bedridden for about 5 of the 7 days we were there. It was a pretty big bummer BUT Liv felt well enough the whole time we were there to play and Ryan was able to spend time with his family, so it was still worth it to be there! And I did have lots of fun the times I was able to leave the bed! AND shockingly no one else caught our germs in Idaho....that we know of....yet! Anyway that explains why I'm not really in many of these photos, but I guess I rarely am anyway since I'm behind the camera!
Liv keeping entertained as we wait for our flight and shove jolly ranchers in her mouth to keep from coughing.
Chapter 1: Christmas Celebration. We celebrated a few days later when everyone was finally together. Liv got a My Generations doll whose hair can grow, matching Pj's with her cousins (which she has worn all week), house pants made by Great Grandma and homemade Pj's for her doll, 2 shirts, money, and a coloring book. Carrie was awesome and made everyone a family tree folder with all sorts of fun facts and print outs from We had a big delicious meal all together and if you don't recognize the extras at the table they are neighbors.
No Holiday is complete without a cousin dog pile right?
Chapter 2: The Pets. The Moore family has 2 dogs and 2 cats. Then the Kronewitters brought their dog and the grandparents brought their dog. That's 6 animals in one house! Liv spent all week herding them and trying to pick them up. They acted annoyed occasionally, but for the most part allowed her to be a mother hen to them. Sadly there's only pics of Mac and Fred with her but trust me....she doted on all of them!
A little too tight Liv!
The grown ups enjoyed snuggles from Fred too!
Chapter 3: Field Trip to Cracker Barrel. On the Kronewitters last day we drove to Boise with them on their way out of town to enjoy a meal at the Cracker Barrel. Luckily they had set out these nice rocking chairs for us on the porch so we could take the only big group photo we had all week! The kids even got their own table to sit at and were actually very well behaved. All that nerf gun play worked up their appetites! They felt extra lucky when Grandma and Grandpa let them each buy a bag of candy at the end of the meal. Liv tried so hard not to eat all her gummy worms but none of them survived the drive back to the Moores house!
Chapter 4: Fun with Family. When they weren't playing Nerf Gun battles, the kids enjoyed playing games, watching movies, making salt dough ornaments, fighting over Grandma's lap, drawing, and having slumber parties in various spots of the house. Carrie made a jar of questions so we were never without thought provoking discussions about what famous person we'd like to dine with or what we wish we'd been named. The adults played lots of games too. I'm not sure what all they played while I was layed up (I did get some quality Alias watching time in), but I did enjoy some round house rummy, hand and foot, catchphrase and scattergories with them. 
These kids played so hard in the day that Liv put herself to bed most nights and slept in a LONG time in the mornings.
I think this is Carrie showing her parents how to stalk people on facebook
Chapter 5: My View. Carrie was such a great hostess and made us each a personalized coffee mug. I enjoyed hot tea from my bed with the comfort of a snuggled up Fred many days. I think it's my first gift with Haven's name on it so I will cherish it always...or until the dishwasher removes her name! I'm very thankful to Carrie and David for letting us have their comfy master bedroom for the week. My side of the bed looked like a small pharmacy with snotty tissues all over the floor but we cleaned up by the time we left! 
Up in the snow!!!


The Moores said...

Good times, good times. I'm so thankful you guys got to come to Idaho! Come back again in the summer and maybe you can see more than just the inside of our house :)

kmom said...

David and Carrie are super at hosting. Glad no one else got sick.

GmaakaMom said...

This was definitely a Christmas to remember. I love our family photo at Cracker Barrel, but it's gonna be outdated in just a couple of months. That means we have to do this again very soon. And Carrie certainly was the hostess with the mostest.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a memorable time was had by all!
I really enjoyed reading these two posts. Read them twice! Glad you are feeling better. Stay well.
Love from Aunt Debby

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