Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Look Who Came to Town!

It was good to play catch up with the Schatzel crew last week when Lolo and ALL 3 kiddos got to come for a visit! It was Friday and I let Liv sleep in and just didn't mention the fact that she was missing school. She's still not sure on the days of the week thing so I just let her believe it was the weekend! They played and decorated gingerbread men cookies and had pizza and Liv got to try root beer for the first time which she thought was the coolest thing since sliced bread.
It's still so crazy to me that we live basically across the street from the house we spent soooo much time in with them when they were babies and toddlers and yet none of our kids remember it.
We hope to have a slumber party on the farm soon! Thanks for the visit dear friends!


kmom said...

Those gingerbread cookies look yummy, especially with the decorations. Did you bake them?

Ryan and Katie said...

No they were in a kit.

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