Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Rewind to the Christmas Eve Eve Chaos

On Christmas Eve Eve Eve (??) Charlie ate a pack of gum off the kitchen counter. Liv and I came home to find shreds of the package on the kitchen floor but were in a hurry on our way to meet Ryan for lunch. Charlie hasn't eaten off the counter in a long time, but it was a new flavor (Grape lemonade) so maybe that enticed her. I remembered reading a friends recent facebook post that xylitol in gum is VERY harmful to dogs, so on the way to Ryan's work I called him and asked him to look up if xylitol was in that particular gum. He had conflicting online results, so I called the vet who said she needed to go immediately to a clinic to induce vomiting or else she would die. WHAT?! For real? Yep, for real. Apparently that's legit. Xylitol causes dogs to go into hypoglycemic shock. So Ryan said don't worry about his lunch, turn around and go take her in. (Which did not sound like something my husband would normally say to do but since he sounded worried I became worried). So we turned around, frantically searched for her leash, and made it to the urgent care for pets, even though she was acting fine. After more online research they were fairly certain the type of gum she had did not have Xylitol in it, but they offered to do blood work for peace of mind. I asked for a cost analysis and after I found out how much it would cost if her health were starting to decline...I decided to forego all tests, because she would just have to die. Sorry. I know, I know, call me cruel, but I can't spend that much on my dog! We took her home and just watched her closely.

I'm glad she didn't die.
Then that night Liv had a horrible cough. She had no fever, so I was hoping it was just a cold, but in the middle of the night her temp was 102.8 and in the morning was no better. Since we were leaving the next day for Idaho, I finally decided to take her in which proved to be very difficult on Christmas Eve Eve. Her doctor was booked and all urgent care places were over a 2 hour wait (which sounded awful because I didn't want her to pick up MORE germs, and I didn't want pregnant me to get sick hanging around a germ infested petri dish lobby.) Luckily I found a new urgent care place, and we were the only ones there, praise God! So we got right in and found out she had the flu. We got tamiflu and went home and tried to figure out how to be responsible travelers while praying Ryan and I stayed well....God answered our prayers with a "eh sort of"
Awaiting test results at the Dr. 
I tried my best to stay away from her for the next few days which is awful because I wanted to cuddle her and she wanted me to cuddle her, but I just kept bringing her blankets or stuffed animals and quarantined her to the couch or her room. She was pretty happy through it all, just tired. 

I broke down in miserable tears that night though because of our impending travel plans and Christmas morning and it is my pet peeve when people who are sick go out in public and I was about to be one of those people! But it's also my pet peeve that airlines make it nearly impossible to change flights without spending hundreds of dollars in fees making me feel I have no choice other than to fly irresponsibly because this is the one time a year we get to see Ryan's family and we've already spent hundreds of dollars soooooo needless to say we flew with the flu. (sorry for all the run on sentences)

 And sadly every kid that was at our house the night we made bags for the homeless also caught the flu over Christmas break. What kind of karma is that I ask you?! I think most everyone was able to kick it as fast as Liv, but poor Noah had to spend some time in the hospital and had a pretty bad case of it. I guess the lesson is....don't do good things for others right before you're about to leave town???? No, I know it was just bad timing, but us moms were all pretty bummed that it put a damper on our Christmas plans and vacations. I hope next Christmas is a little healthier though!! For all of us...including the dog!


GmaakaMom said...

I bet you're really looking forward to Christmas 2015 and NO flu. I'm so glad you're all done with that particular bug and now have a super resistance to any other illness this winter. (please please please) I'm also glad Charlie's ok.

kmom said...

I'm so sorry Noah had such a hard time being sick, especially since it was Christmas. Hope everyone stays well now.

Michelle said...

Oh the flu is everywhere, so they may not have caught it from your house.....Cooper and Maddie both had flu b, and the rest of us didn't get it. So you just never know. The way I see it you can't live your life always worried about getting sick or infecting others....if it makes you feel better over thanksgiving we all had a very short stomach bug (except for Jeremy), went to Jeremy's family's house anyway, where they ended up having a much longer version of the 1 and done we had. So maybe we gave it to them, maybe we didn't.

Shawn and Becky said...

Wow crazy few days. Would have done the same with the dog. So glad Olivia is healthy and make it out unscathed.

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