Friday, January 30, 2015

Second Child Syndrome: Pregnancy Edition

Yesterday on OKCMB I posted about the Second Child Syndrome that Haven is already getting in utero.
Now that I’m well into the third tri-mester of my second pregnancy, I’ve had lots of time to reflect on how this gestational period has differed from my first. I’ve heard the phrase “second child syndrome” tossed around many times before and I must admit….it’s a real thing. In some ways I feel this second child has benefited from my wisdom….but maybe in other ways she’s gotten the shaft. Either way I’m sure she’ll turn out fine….right? I mean I’m a second child and I turned out fine….mostly. Just kidding, mom (see I can call her out because I know I’m the second child and she must feel guilt for all the ways I got the shaft so she’s DEFINITELY reading this.) Anyway let’s get on with the list.......

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Katie said...

I feel my first child has this second child syndrom. I think I lived my first child vicariously through my sister and friends.

kmom said...

Hopefully you will do better than me about recording milestones during your second child's life.

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