Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Bump: 31 Weeks

This pregnancy really has been pretty amazing and fairly easy, but this third tri-mester is rocking my world a bit. Besides being a tad more hormonal with more hermit-like tendencies, the third tri-mester basically started out with the flu and crazy heart burn/indigestion and then a sinus infection and then an ER trip in Idaho for the same embarrassing issue I had with Liv's pregnancy. All of that kind of drained me physically for awhile. Anyway now I just have daily heart burn, sleep issues, and a killer waddle, but thankfully she's still healthy and at my 30 week ultrasound (to check on my placenta location...4 cm apparently makes a huge difference) I got to see some amazing shots of my little girl!
I love the center shot of her face! It's so clear! Everyone says she looks so much like Liv and I have to agree!
Liv got to come with me to the ultrasound, but really had no clue what she was seeing. And then when they couldn't get a good shot of my placenta they had to do a vaginal ultrasound which I hope didn't scar Liv for life. I tried to use my phone to distract her, but those stirrups really fascinated her! 

Haven is WAY more active in my belly than Liv was (this might be due to my caffeine addiction) and it's fun to watch my belly move in waves throughout the day. The whole shape of it changes depending on how she's positioned and I love watching it. I don't even really mind when she wakes me up in the middle of the night for one of her in utero raves. Ryan and Liv get to feel her move a lot and if we let Charlie up on the bed anymore I'm sure she would too.

My goal was to try to keep working out as much as I usually do until at least 30 weeks. So far I'm still going strong with my zumba/hip-hop pals! Haven likes to dance! I even tried out a new class that my friend Ashlea is teaching this week. I try to go to the gym 3 times a week, but some weeks are more hectic than others. The routine is getting easier again though with the holiday madness being over.
I got to set my due date at my last appointment and March 11 will be Haven's birthday unless something happens or God decides to laugh at "my plans" again and have my water break or something crazy. Ryan's grandmother's birthday is March 11 so that will be a special day (Friday the 13th was also available, but I decided against it, because even if I'm not superstitious....I am a little stitious when it comes to major surgery)
My maternity photo shoot is scheduled for next weekend (which is good because I'm starting to swell and I feel the pregnancy nose coming on). Liv has a sibling class at OU later today that we get to attend. I'm sure I'll have a post on how that goes! Only 8 weeks left! 


kmom said...

You are looking great! Love, Mom

GmaakaMom said...

Both you Isenberg girls are looking great. I can't wait to meet sweet Haven on this side of Mommy's belly.

Shawn and Becky said...

You look awesome!!!

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