Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekend Update

On Wednesday Shanny stopped by on her way to T-town and we got to see her just long enough to chat...
....and get in a good game of Pretty, Pretty Princess
On Friday I was looking forward to my afternoon date with my husband, but with the construction going on he needed to stay home so I took myself on a date to get started on the Oscar nominee watching! Me and Auntie Anne enjoyed reclining at Penn Square for a viewing of the very well done and emotional Selma. Then I took myself out for gelato. I might've had more fun with Ryan but it was still a nice date!
The weather has been so nice that Liv and neighbor girls have been playing outside all weekend long. They did take some time out to read a book to Charlie.
Despite the noise of the construction, I have still managed to take a nap amongst it all most days. I often wake up to nail gunning, hammering, and Spanish serenades. Charlie enjoys resting with me in front of the Valentine's mantle decor. The rest of my house may be in chaos but I will still decorate for the holidays!
On Saturday my friend Michelle texted me about an extra ticket her family had to go see Once at the Civic Center. It was a really unique show and although I'd seen the movie years ago I'd forgotten the story. I enjoyed the music a lot and catching up with Michelle was fun too! This is the only pic to remember the evening by though!


Michelle said...

It was wonderful to catch up with you too!! I enjoyed the company very much!

kmom said...

Glad you got in another visit with Shannon. I don't know if I would like to go to a movie by myself, but with a yummy pretzel I think I could handle it. Love, Mom

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