Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Are you sure about that Punxsutawney Phil?

We've had some beautiful weather this February that had led to dangerous things like flip flop wearing, playing outside in the sprinkler, washing cars, and being tempted to plant flowers until you realize no flowers are at the stores because IT'S FEBRUARY!! It's still winter even though we've had 70 and 80 degree weekends as of late! I'm a little fearful a snow storm will come in March but until then we have been taking advantage of it....well Liv has and I am happy to sit on the porch and watch with my feet up.


GmaakaMom said...

Our weatherman said that today was supposed to be a cold one for you. Hope you didn't put away your winter coats yet.

kmom said...

With ice outside for the past 3 days and probably won't melt for 3 more, those bare feet make mine feel almost cold, even thought I am inside wearing warm socks and shoes. Glad you enjoyed the warm weather while it was there. Saturday it was warm here in the 50s. Papa and I enjoyed a long walk outside in our neighborhood. Love, Grammy

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